Testimonials — Zumba

"Oh man where to start. I don't think anyone who has taken Pauline's class can say thank you enough for the inspiration she has given to all of us. I am one of those lucky individuals whose life she has made a huge difference in. I guess you could say I found myself in a rut. When I was in high school I participated in sports, so therefore was physically fit then. When graduation hit and I went to college I stopped playing the sports completely and quickly put on weight and fell right out of shape. I never found that one thing that I would want to continue to do by myself without someone pushing me to do it. When I graduated from college I moved home and was still in a rut. After a couple years of being at home and finally sick of seeing the person in the mirror, I tried a couple classes that the Windsor Rec. Department offered. None of them really seemed to grab me. A friend of mine, who was already taking Pauline's Zumba class said I should give it a try. I was hooked!!! Pauline made it so much fun to work out. I needed that. I found myself looking forward to the Zumba nights. Even when I missed class for vacations or whatnot, I would always try to do it on my own with the music Pauline gave me. Since I have started Zumba, I have lost a total of 34 pounds and 4 inches. I have not changed my eating habits. By that I mean that I still eat pizza, and cookies, and all the stuff that people recommend you don't eat; LOL I eat it! The thing I have learned from Pauline the most is that portion control is what most of us struggle with. I was for sure one of those people :). It is because of Pauline that I have gained some self confidence back in myself and take pride in what I look like again. I would encourage anyone who has not tried Zumba but has been wanting to, to just go do it. You don't have to know anyone in the class to take it because the people in the class are some of the nicest most friendliest kindhearted people I have ever met. So I guess what it all boils down to is this is the only way I can think of to say Thank You to the person who I guess you can say has given me a part of my life back that I was ready to just kiss away. Thank you Pauline again, words just can't say it enough."

Nichole Torres
Windsor, CO

"After many years of being overweight, I really wanted to find an activity I could stick with to help me shed the pounds. I have been in Pauline's Zumba class for over 4 years and I love it! I have lost weight, gained strength, and have great new friendships! Pauline is inspiring, energetic and just makes everyone feel like they belong in the class. During one year, I had some night classes and had to miss a whole semester of Zumba. Pauline noticed I had been missing class and she emailed me personally just to check if I was OK. I was so touched that she cared enough about one of her students (and belive me...she has many) to see if I was doing alright. Of course when she found out I was taking night classes, she was very supportive and when I returned, gave me a big welcome back hug before class.  I continue to faithfully attend Zumba every week... because of Pauline!"

Brenda Troiano
Windsor, CO

"I have been in the fitness world as an athlete and instructor for 30 years. I thought I had pretty much seen it all, until I was lucky enough to meet Pauline. I joined her Zumba class a year ago, and have also been a regular participant in Pauline's Boot Camp, both at the Windsor Recreation Center. I have never met anyone like her! Pauline is a knowledgeable, hands on, truly motivating instructor...an absolute expert in so many aspects of fitness. I have learned a lot from her, found a way to refocus my fitness goals, and discovered new abilities I didn't know I had! This woman has figured it out and I'm proud to recommend her. She is one in a million!"

Diane Fisher
Windsor, CO

"Pauline changed my life. While I understand this is a grandiose statement, I would never say it if it weren't absolutely true. Currently, I am finishing up the most difficult journey of my life as a graduate student at Colorado State University. About a year ago, I knew I needed something to bring joy to my life; that is when I found Pauline. I walked into her Thursday night Zumba class - my first Zumba class ever - and Pauline's energy breathed the life back into me. Her engaging nature, her attention to her students, her joyous personality that flows through the entire room, each of these is an important component as to why she consistently has 70+ person classes: we are addicted to Zumba, but more specifically we are addicted to Pauline. Pauline not only changed my life, she saved my life. Without knowing it, she encouraged me to live the life I deserved to live, revitalizing my inner self. I am healthier, happier, more energetic, and ready to tackle any obstacle that comes my way. Thank you, Pauline. Words cannot express my gratitude; I owe part of my diploma to you!"

Emily Ambrose
Fort Collins, CO

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pauline through personal training and her Zumba class. Not only is she a kind-hearted and caring person, she is highly knowledgeable in the field of fitness and has invaluable experience as an instructor. Pauline is always introducing innovative techniques making workouts fresh, fun and novel. I can't say enough about the encouragement Pauline gives. She never lets you give up and pushes you to believe in yourself. But most commendably, Pauline took the time to educate herself about my particular health conditions and has worked around my limitations. For the first time in three years I've been able to lower my medication thanks to working with Pauline."

Mindy Orr
Windsor, CO

"I am fifteen years old and have been working out with Pauline for almost a year. She is great! She makes everything fun and even though you know you're exercising, it doesn't seem like it. Pauline has amazing energy and it keeps you moving, too. She's an incredible person and encourages people to just have fun while working out and that helps me relax and not even realize that I'm actually exercising!"

Danielle Orr
Windsor, CO

"Pauline is an exceptional fitness instructor. She has an uncanny ability to recognize the fitness level and ability of every person in the room and continually pushes each and every one to achieve a personal best. From Boot Camp to Zumba Pauline is an amazing instructor, leader, mentor and coach. OOOHHH RAH!"

Ronda Chadwick
Johnstown, CO

"After years of working out off and on at the local gym I realized something was missing. I had never embraced the life style change that I desperately needed. Being bored and unmotivated at the local gym, I began to look for new ways to increase my desire to improve my overall health and fitness levels. I saw that there was a Zumba class available at the Windsor Recreation Center. It took me weeks to build up the courage to give it a try. My first night at Zumba class Pauline was very welcoming and immediately decreased my anxiety level. I didn't feel like there were any expectations except to do my best and have fun. Since my first experience I have gone twice a week and have encouraged everyone I know to join the fun. Pauline's Zumba class has given me the opportunity for a terrific cardio workout and increased my coordination all while having a great time. As my confidence grew, I decided it was time to challenge myself further. Being so inspired by Pauline, I chose to sign up for her weekly boot camp. Not knowing what to expect, I was nervous I would not be able to meet the challenges. From the very start, Pauline and Bob created unique and demanding programs where I felt encouraged to push myself to do things I didn't know I was capable of. Pauline and Bob provide a great example of team work and use positive reinforcement techniques to promote everyone's strengths. I would not expect boot camp instructors to go out of their way to help everyone in the class achieve their own personal best. I had contemplated for over a year about hiring a personal trainer, but I was always discouraged due to the fact I would be uncomfortable with techniques used by trainers at my gym. As I developed a relationship with Pauline I realized that she would never humiliate, degrade or expect things out of me that I was incapable of doing. She has opened up her fantastic home gym allowing me to train in a comfortable and private environment. The challenging hours I have spent with Pauline have enabled me to feel stronger not only physically but mentally. Her words of encouragement and ability to share her own strengths and weaknesses make me feel like I am working out with a friend rather then hired instructor. From nutrition advice to weekly homework, Pauline goes above and beyond to help everyone she works with meet their goals. Pauline is a genuinely caring, motivated, positive role model for not only her clients, but for her community as well. I stared out as a person who rarely went out of my comfort zone, and now find myself more confident in all aspect of my life. I would highly recommend Pauline to anybody looking for a positive lifestyle change for overall health and increasing fitness abilities. Thanks for everything you do Pauline!!!"

Jennifer Deming
Windsor, CO

"As a collegiate track and field athlete, fitness was a very high priority in my life. I used to work out almost every day. Unfortunately, after two children, I became so engrossed with raising kids that I completely forgot to take care of myself. For four years, I didn't even step my foot in a gym. When I finally decided to join a gym again, Pauline happened to be teaching Zumba on my first day. I spontaneously walked in and attended my very first Zumba class. Having two left feet, I struggled following all the moves but that didn't matter. I had so much fun and loved my first class. I continued going to Zumba classes and now it is part of my routine. Pauline is an amazing instructor who can energize the entire class. Her high energy and genuine care for her students make her not only an amazing instructor, but an amazing person. She connects with each and every student and truly makes working out fun. Pauline has reminded me to take care of myself again and has inspired me to continue taking Zumba classes as well as working out consistently. After my four years hiatus, I can truly credit Pauline for keeping me motivated and making working out fun again - that is no easy feat! Thanks, Pauline!"

Anne J. Lee
Fort Collins, CO

"I recently moved to Windsor, Colorado in September 2009 from Big Sky country, Montana. Pristine picturesque views, remote living in wide open spaces are great when one is on vacation or soon to retire but for someone that enjoys the pulse of the hustle and bustle of city life that lifestyle may not be the right fit for everyday life. After five years of being outnumbered by the wildlife in vast open remote spaces, I am comforted to find the "best of all that life has to offer" in "Colorful Colorado". In my new home town of Windsor, I took a class at the Windsor Recreation Center to pass the time. Immediately, I was excited to have rediscovered the "vavoom" that my life had been missing for the past five years. For the first time, I met Pauline shimmying and shaking it up with Windsor's finest and most spirited residents. Immediately, I was hooked. I have been her student ever since. I even started taking classes at 24hr Fitness in Fort Collins so that I could Zumba with Pauline. Pauline's classes are so much fun and she always spices it up with something new and exciting. As a former Polynesian performer I know quality hip shaking when I see it. She has some of the most fun choreography that is easy for everyone to follow and have a blast while working out. The best part of Zumba with Pauline is it doesn't even feel like a workout. I keep waiting for the waitress to bring my margarita around after each song. "So much fun!" "Pauline, what's shaking?"

Daisy Ferreras
Windsor, CO

"I've met Pauline through several forms of exercise classes. She's GRRRRRRRREAT!!!! It's fun to step into a class and be greeted by a happy, smiling instructor who loves what she's doing. Pauline knows how to include "Everybody" in the class, whether they are First Timers, All Timers, or Old Timers. She encourages you to do as much as you can, but never pushes you into discomfort. People return time after time to be in Pauline's classes, they follow her to other towns and communities to participate in her high energy functions. Pauline, and her husband, Bob, are a delightful team to watch in action. They are open, honest, sincere, loving, and kind to one another, and to their class mates. Their hearts are warm and sincere to each other, their families, their pet animals, and their community. Where ever Pauline goes she will attract people like a magnet because she cares about them and they know it! I highly recommend Pauline!!!!"

Billie Myers, Broker Associate CRS, GRI, SRES, e-PRO, CDPE RE/MAX Aliance
Fort Collins, CO

"Pauline Rocks! Her skills and dedication to fitness are well documented, but what makes Pauline unique is her dedication to her students. She truly cares and is committed to each one of us, always concerned that we are not only happy, but healthy too! Her positive energy, enthusiasm and humor enliven any workout and motivate students to achieve their fitness goals Sally Thomas Windsor, CO Pauline and her Zumba class are awesome! I have tried numerous exercise/activity programs in my life but this one really does it all. It mixes cardio with muscle tone and doesn't even feel like an exercise class because it is so much fun to do, thanks in great part to Pauline who makes it so much fun. Pauline is a wonderful instructor who takes her class very seriously and makes each of her "students" feel special about doing something good for themselves. You go Pauline!"

Monika Zielke
Windsor, CO

"I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to Pauline Brown. First, my admiration for her commitment for physical fitness and my gratitude on how she does it. Pauline is the epitome of professional, yet manages to make sure you have a quality work out and have fun while doing it. Not an easy task. I have attended Group Power classes with Pauline as well as her high energy Zumba class. Pauline strives for a personal best in everything she does and wants the same for you. Despite taking classes with other people there, Pauline manages to make sure that everyone is connected in the class and is receiving the best work out they can possibly have while they are there. Pauline recognizes the importance of physical fitness and is a wonderful role model for everyone she comes into contact with. I cannot believe I am saying this but when I know I will attend a class that Pauline is teaching, I actually look forward to working out!! Pauline, thank you so much for all you do and bring to group fitness."

Annmarie Izuel Evans
Fort Collins, CO

"I have been taking Pauline Brown's classes first Zumba and now R.I.P.P.E.D. for two years. My first class was Zumba, and I got in my car and said I will never go back. I was confused and felt like the klutz. Pauline explained if it was our first time not to get discouraged and just enjoy our time. I gave that about 5 seconds and still decided it was not for me. Then I got to thinking maybe I should try one more time, Pauline gave me the energy and made the class fun so maybe one more time. I went back, still not happy with myself, but looked around and saw I wasn't the only one who didn't get it. Pauline then handed out flyers about a fund raising event for breast cancer, and it was a Zumbathon at the Rio, downtown Fort Collins. That sounded like fun and since our daughter was a breast cancer survivor, count me in. My husband said he would support the cause but DO NOT ASK HIM to take part in any dancing. Well this is where our lives changed. Our team called the "Pink Yo YO's" formed over five years ago to raise funds to help stamp out cancer. We were a team of about 15, and all came to this fund raising event. We got Larry out, and I can honestly tell you he will be late for church but never Zumba or now R.I.P.P.E.D. Because of Pauline and her kindness and motivation, we started coming together, and families who exercise together stay together! We enjoy R.I.P.P.E.D. and we love Zumba. Our bodies have changed. We have met wonderful people. Pauline makes exercise fun. We enjoy meeting new members and hope they feel comfortable. I still screw up but it is OK because that is just the way I am. Pauline lets us know how much she appreciates us, but in truth she has brought so much to our lives. We are healthier, we enjoy the social of exercise, and we can never tell Pauline enough times how thankful we are that she is in our lives. I hope we still are taking classes from her when I am in my 90's."

Carol Lacert
Loveland, CO