"Upon attending Pauline Brown’s RIPPED and Zumba classes over a year ago, I was initially impressed by her enthusiasm for life and her extraordinary passion for inspiring her clients to greater personal growth and to higher levels of fitness.
I am the Director of Marketing for a financial services company in northern Colorado.  Not only do we care about our client’s financial health, we care about their physical and emotional health as well.  We host several educational seminars throughout the year, and we decided that we should put one on concerning their physical health and fitness.  Having been Pauline’s student for the past year, I knew that she would be the perfect speaker for my clients and I was right.    
Pauline showed up early.  She was prepared, organized and enthusiastic.  Her power point presentation was not only very information, it was equally visually stimulating.  Pauline was both engaging and dynamic.  
As I stated above, we host several different seminars for our clients every year, and I must say that we have never received as many positive comments about the speaker and the information presented than we did with Pauline’s.  That is the best compliment we can hear from a client.  We will definitely invite her to come and speak to our clients again.  
I am happy to provide further information if required, so please do not hesitate to contact me."

Denise Perich
Marketing Director, Macdonald Financial Services
4025 Saint Cloud Drive, Ste. 250
Loveland, CO  80538
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">denise.perich@lpl.

"Pauline led training for my Cycle Instructors at the Colorado State University Recreation Center. While looking for a presenter, I attended one of Pauline's cycling classes. It was quickly evident that Pauline would be a great presenter for our workshop. Pauline is well educated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate and professional. My staff quickly connected with Pauline and had a great educational experience. Pauline's passion for the fitness industry and healthy living is second to none. She stays on top of the latest education and fitness trends allowing her to offer fresh ideas and apply recent research findings. Pauline connects well with a diverse population including all ages and fitness levels. Pauline is a great instructor and a fantastic presenter/educator. It is with highest regards that I recommend Pauline as an instructor, trainer and presenter."

Nicole LaRocque
CSU — Campus Recreation
Fort Collins, CO

"I attended a R.I.P.P.E.D. training certification course in 2012 in St Louis, MO and was fortunate enough to have RIPPED master trainer, Pauline Brown as the leader of the course. I have attended numerous conferences and fitness certifications and I have never encountered anyone like Pauline. The energy and enthusiasm she exhibited throughout the day long course was inspiring and motivating. Her passion for fitness is evident and contagious. She is highly skilled, kind, professional and knowledgeable. She was thorough in her presentation and made sure that all the participants were engaged, learning AND having fun. It is impossible to feel anything but excited and energetic when you are around her. She genuinely cared that we all had an amazing experience and we all did. She was up to date on all the latest fitness trends and was able to apply them to the RIPPED training course. Questions were answered, ideas were heard and information was shared with ease and skill. WOW is all I can say to describe her! Future presenters will now have a tough act to follow! I hope to be involved in another training experience with her. I cannot imagine anyone better to share fitness and knowledge to others. Simply fantastic!!"

Jessica Cameron
NASM-CPT, AFAA Group Instructor, TRX Certified instructor
Kickboxing/Boxing Instructor at American Top Team (ATT Evolution) in StLouis, MO

"I would like to thank you, Pauline, for coming to my office and giving such a wonderful presentation on your Zumba class as well as your personal training for individuals.

The information you provided to our group was very informative and encouraging for those of us "too busy" for ourselves in treating ourselves well with such an invigorating class as Zumba. The data you presented, in such a professional manner, was exceptional regarding the lowering of Cholesterol and Triglycerides and the difference exercise can make in one's daily emotional mood and overall health improvement without medication. Exercise can do wonders and I am seeing the result.

For me personally, I was always afraid of a gym environment, people wearing spandex!

For one I wanted something more than treadmill and lifting drudgery. And I can tell you how much better I feel in your wonderfully open class where each person is not judged by what they wear or how much or little one can do. Your encouragement has meant more than words can say. I know I will continue with you for a very long time because I benefit so much for you.

I hope you will continue as long as I can continue."

Kathy Colborn
Center for Gastroenterology
Fort Collins, CO