Testimonials — Cycling

"I am a 65 year old retired widower.  At one time in my life I was in excellent shape.  I ran in a few marathons and countless 10-K races. Yet after 35 years in a sedimentary job consisting of sitting behind a desk and traveling around the nation, I became a classic couch potato. My only exercise was walking short distances a few days a week and playing golf. I turned into the kind of “senior” I never imagined I would be – out of shape, over-weight and taking medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol

I have a very special friend who regularly participates in Pauline Brown’s Zumba and R.I.P.P.E.D classes. My friend asked me to attend a R.I.P.P.E.D and Zumba demonstration. Less than ten minutes into the demonstration I was marveling at my friend’s incredible physical condition. I decided it was time to make some drastic changes in my life.

I started walking, every day, and riding my bike at least three days a week. I signed up for Boot Camp with Pauline Brown as the instructor. Three months later I added bi weekly cycling classes at the Lift 4 You studio to my routine. Today, less than one year later, my blood pressure and cholesterol have improved to the point that I likely will be off all medications very soon.  I feel better. I sleep better.  With no changes in my diet, I have lost two inches off my waistline and have notice improvements in by flexibility and balance.  I am no longer an over-weight, out of shape “senior” citizen.

Health clubs and fitness centers are everywhere. Many people join with the best of intentions; hang around for awhile, then stop attending.  What separates Lift 4 You from the clutter is Pauline Brown and her ability to motivate her people. Pauline easily transfers her passion and dedication to physical fitness to her students. If you are serious about your physical conditioning and fitness, Lift 4 You is the answer."

Charles Weiland
Windsor, CO

"I hate that I love this class! I like to try to keep my driving minimal and won't even drive across town for a workout club but for this class and Pauline (and Jan!) I'm willing to drive the distance. (Ok, it's all of 15-20 min but still when you live in a small town and can have most things within 1 mile of your house....) Pauline and Jan know how to teach proper technique, work with novices, challenge us and encourage us.  I have noticed that after just 2 months at twice per week I am able to increase my resistance quite a bit on my home elliptical workout b/c my legs are that much stronger.  I won't go anywhere else for my spinning class!"

Lainie Peltz
Windsor, CO

"I began Pauline's cycling class for the cardio and to strengthen my leg muscles in hopes of delaying knee replacement surgery as long as possible. Within a few weeks, I could definitely feel improvement when climbing stairs and when exercising. However, I also experienced an unexpected improvement. A few years ago, I had weakening of the muscles which hold up the bladder and other internal organs, causing them to "fall" and create pressure. The treatment for this included a prescription cream which was used to strengthen the muscles. Within two weeks of starting the cycle class, I no longer needed to use this cream which cost over $100 per month for each refill. That savings more than pays for the cycling classes and I feel great!

Joyce Lind
Severance, CO