Testimonials — Boot Camp


"I am a 65 year old retired widower.  At one time in my life I was in excellent shape.  I ran in a few marathons and countless 10-K races. Yet after 35 years in a sedimentary job consisting of sitting behind a desk and traveling around the nation, I became a classic couch potato. My only exercise was walking short distances a few days a week and playing golf. I turned into the kind of “senior” I never imagined I would be – out of shape, over-weight and taking medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol

I have a very special friend who regularly participates in Pauline Brown’s Zumba and R.I.P.P.E.D classes. My friend asked me to attend a R.I.P.P.E.D and Zumba demonstration. Less than ten minutes into the demonstration I was marveling at my friend’s incredible physical condition. I decided it was time to make some drastic changes in my life.

I started walking, every day, and riding my bike at least three days a week. I signed up for Boot Camp with Pauline Brown as the instructor. Three months later I added bi weekly cycling classes at the Lift 4 You studio to my routine. Today, less than one year later, my blood pressure and cholesterol have improved to the point that I likely will be off all medications very soon.  I feel better. I sleep better.  With no changes in my diet, I have lost two inches off my waistline and have notice improvements in by flexibility and balance.  I am no longer an over-weight, out of shape “senior” citizen.

Health clubs and fitness centers are everywhere. Many people join with the best of intentions; hang around for awhile, then stop attending.  What separates Lift 4 You from the clutter is Pauline Brown and her ability to motivate her people. Pauline easily transfers her passion and dedication to physical fitness to her students. If you are serious about your physical conditioning and fitness, Lift 4 You is the answer."

Charles Weiland
Windsor, CO

"I have been in the fitness world as an athlete and instructor for 30 years. I thought I had pretty much seen it all, until I was lucky enough to meet Pauline. I joined her Zumba class a year ago, and have also been a regular participant in Pauline's Boot Camp, both at the Windsor Recreation Center. I have never met anyone like her! Pauline is a knowledgeable, hands on, truly motivating instructor...an absolute expert in so many aspects of fitness. I have learned a lot from her, found a way to refocus my fitness goals, and discovered new abilities I didn't know I had! This woman has figured it out and I'm proud to recommend her. She is one in a million!"

Diane Fisher
Windsor, CO


"Until I met Pauline and started attending her classes, I considered working out a necessary evil. I don't particularly enjoy the routine work outs at the gym, even when I have worked out with a trainer...it was just a means to an end. Then I started Zumba with Pauline and subsequently, Boot Camp with her also. She has the uncanny ability to inspire you, make it fun, encourage you gently, but effectively and now I actually look forward to my work out time with her. I find Pauline to not only be a great trainer with a lot of expertise, but also a very gracious individual who takes the time to connect with every single person in her classes. In my opinion....you have not trained until you have trained with Pauline!"

Kim Viner
Windsor, CO


"Pauline is an exceptional fitness instructor. She has an uncanny ability to recognize the fitness level and ability of every person in the room and continually pushes each and every one to achieve a personal best. From Boot Camp to Zumba Pauline is an amazing instructor, leader, mentor and coach. OOOHHH RAH!"

Ronda Chadwick
Johnstown, CO


"After years of working out off and on at the local gym I realized something was missing. I had never embraced the life style change that I desperately needed. Being bored and unmotivated at the local gym, I began to look for new ways to increase my desire to improve my overall health and fitness levels.

I saw that there was a Zumba class available at the Windsor Recreation Center. It took me weeks to build up the courage to give it a try. My first night at Zumba class Pauline was very welcoming and immediately decreased my anxiety level. I didn't feel like there were any expectations except to do my best and have fun. Since my first experience I have gone twice a week and have encouraged everyone I know to join the fun. Pauline's Zumba class has given me the opportunity for a terrific cardio workout and increased my coordination all while having a great time. As my confidence grew, I decided it was time to challenge myself further.

Being so inspired by Pauline, I chose to sign up for her weekly boot camp. Not knowing what to expect, I was nervous I would not be able to meet the challenges. From the very start, Pauline and Bob created unique and demanding programs where I felt encouraged to push myself to do things I didn't know I was capable of. Pauline and Bob provide a great example of team work and use positive reinforcement techniques to promote everyone's strengths. I would not expect boot camp instructors to go out of their way to help everyone in the class achieve their own personal best. I had contemplated for over a year about hiring a personal trainer, but I was always discouraged due to the fact I would be uncomfortable with techniques used by trainers at my gym.

As I developed a relationship with Pauline I realized that she would never humiliate, degrade or expect things out of me that I was incapable of doing. She has opened up her fantastic home gym allowing me to train in a comfortable and private environment. The challenging hours I have spent with Pauline have enabled me to feel stronger not only physically but mentally. Her words of encouragement and ability to share her own strengths and weaknesses make me feel like I am working out with a friend rather then hired instructor.

From nutrition advice to weekly homework, Pauline goes above and beyond to help everyone she works with meet their goals. Pauline is a genuinely caring, motivated, positive role model for not only her clients, but for her community as well. I stared out as a person who rarely went out of my comfort zone, and now find myself more confident in all aspect of my life. I would highly recommend Pauline to anybody looking for a positive lifestyle change for overall health and increasing fitness abilities.

Thanks for everything you do Pauline!!!"

Jennifer Deming
Windsor, CO