About Medsc 8788

Pauline Brown, NSCA-CPT:

I have always had a passion for fitness. I began teaching group exercise classes over 30 years ago as a hobby. It was not because I wanted to be in the "star" role, but because I truly wanted to help people live a healthier life through fitness.

Today, my mission remains the same. My goal is for my clients to become healthier, not only in body, but in mind as well. Healthy living is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Over 50% of Americans today (including children) are considered overweight or obese.

With education and coaching from me, I can help you to live a healthier life through exercise. Whether you just want to firm up and change your body composition or you need help from ground zero to safely and comfortably perform "daily living activities". See my credentials.

Servicing Northern Colorado — Severance, Ault, Fort Collins, Eaton, & Windsor

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My Family & Hobbies 

I am blessed in SO many ways. I have a wonderful husband (Bob), 2 great daughters (Danielle & Kellie) and an awesome grandson (Jacson). Danielle's family includes her husband Dave and Jacson. Dave is in the Navy while Danielle works on her Nursing Degree. The family is currently stationed in Gainsville, GA. Kellie and her husband reside in Ft. Collins, CO.  Kellie manages the Adult Fitness Center for CSU and Micah work as an Assistant Director for Intramural Sports also at CSU.   My family also includes 3 dogs (Jerry — ½ Jack Russell & ½ Chihuahua; Dakota — Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Valentino — Miniature Australian Shepherd), 2 birds (Dorian — African Grey & Petrie — Cockatiel), and 4 cats, (Hattie, Cali, Co and Casper).

When I'm not busy with my family or training, I love to ride on 2 wheels both leg powered and motor powered. When I ride on my bicycle, I love to ride to places like Estes Park, Horsetooth, Rist Canyon, Cheyenne and the many beautiful areas to ride in our local area.

My motor powered bike is a Harley Davidson V-Rod that is a Tribute to 9-11. My husband Bob and I met in Narita, Japan because of the 9-11 crisis. Please view our website for the full story and pictures of our 9-11 motorcycle at http://www.biellc.org/Tributepb/index.html