P28 (Original High Protein Foods)


LIFT-4U is now a wholesale source for P28.

You workout hard to get in shape, build muscle to be strong and be healthy. Are you eating enough protein? Many individuals eat a high carbohydrate diet even when they eat healthy or clean. They forget that carbohydrates are also in fruits and vegetables.
Protein is crucial for overall good health.  Protein has a range of essential functions in the body:

  • Required for building and repair of body tissues (including muscles)
  • Many immune molecules, enzymes and hormones are proteins
  • Body processes such as muscle contraction, nutrient support and water balancing require protein
  • Protein is a source of energy when carbohydrates are too low
  • Protein can help keep skin, hair and nails healthy

P28 is a GREAT option to increase your protein consumption and balance it out with your other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fats).

To Order:

Contact me directly at (970) 443-8140 or email me through the Lift-4U contact page.