Pauline Brown

Pauline has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry and is the owner of LIFT-4U.  She feels truly blessed to be able to work within her passion.  Pauline's goal is to increase the health of her family, friends and clients through fitness.  She is on the Advisory Board of her primary certification NSCA (National Sports Conditioning Association) and holds many certifications in different group exercise and personal training modalities.  Please feel free to view her credentials from the home page.

Jan Malone

Jan has been an athlete her entire life, has taught group fitness for over twenty years and is in the process of developing her company, Boomer Dawg Fitness. Currently she teaches cycling at the Lift-4U studio, and strength and cardio classes in the Windsor area.  Jan is an ultra endurance runner who coached Fort Worth Running Company athletes for many years before moving to Fort Collins, CO.  She offers coaching services for runners and athletes, and creates specialty trainings for target events such as mud runs or ultra endurance events.  Jan holds numerous national certifications in a variety of modalities, including ACE, R.I.P.P.E.D., Spin, Schwinn, TRX and Barre, and is a nutritional Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist.